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“Does God Still Do Miracles?” is an adapted article taken from the
book of the same title. The article was printed in the 2007
January/February issue of Today’s Christian

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  1. Donato Gugliotta MD Said:

    on April 22, 2007 at 12:37 am

    Hi there:
    I wanted to congratulate you on the article in the April 10 edition of The Medical Post. Also on the publishing of your books.
    I found the article and your web site encouraging and challenging.
    It is clear that God has worked things in your life for His purposes.

    I am a GP Anesthitist practicing in Trenton Ontario for the last 15 years. My family and I attend the Pentecostal church in Trenton. My children have gone through the Christian Education system in Trenton and Belleville. My daughter is attending Hillsong in Australia. I belong to CMDS and have had a long-standing interest in Faith and Medicine. I have recently self-published a study book based on some teaching I did at my church. The book is entitled “The Sanctified Soul, How in the World can I be Good?”. It looks at the whole person and how God can work in all parts to make us more like Jesus.

    I trust that God continues to use you, your writing and your medical practice for His Kingdom and His glory,
    Donato Gugliotta

  2. (Dr.) Henry Wildeboer Said:

    on November 30, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    I am a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and about 8 years ago I wrote a book , “Miraculous Healing and You.” mostly for our church’s people, but also read by many others. I think, as do many others, that it presents a balanced view, with stories of actual healings, witnessed by myself as well as others, but it also has a chapter, “When God does not Heal.” I think you would enjoy reading it. Check it out, if you have trouble
    getting hold of a copy, let me know. It was published by CRC Publications.
    I appreciate your concern, and even scepticism, I too have it, at the same time there are instances where I cannot deny the direct involvement of God.
    Henry Wildeboer

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