Queen’s Alumni Article

“Rx for Faith” by Heather Grace Stewart (ArtSci ’95)
Issue 4, 2006

A funny thing happened to Dr. Brad Burke, Meds ’95, on his rocky
road to becoming a rehabilitation specialist: He began exploring tough
questions about his faith and wrote four books in the process.

Seven years ago, Dr. Brad Burke was a rehabilitation specialist living
at home with his parents in Bancroft, Ontario. He had no car, no
computer, no cell phone, and was tens of thousands of dollars in debt.
In fact he was paying the minimum balance on credit cards with other
credit cards.

How could this happen to a talented, newly trained doctor?

To read the entire article on Dr. Brad Burke written by Heather
Grace Stewart,

click here to access or download the one page pdf file.

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  1. Ben Hannah Said:

    on November 18, 2008 at 2:44 am

    HI Brad,

    Not sure if you remember me….Micronauts….Glad you are doing well.

    Email me sometime…hope your family is doing well.


    Hi Ben!

    Great to hear from you! I tried contacting you but the email address you provided wasn’t working. Contact me again and let me know an alternate email address.

    Talk with you soon!


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Dr. Brad Burke and his currently released book series titled 'An MD examines...'.
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Is God Obsolete?
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Why Doesn't God Stop Evil?
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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    While Brad did complete a year of surgical training to become a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist, he is not a "surgeon" as described on the back covers of some of the books. This unfortunate error will be corrected in subsequent printings.